As the name suggests, J1W is the wide-body iteration of the ACRONYM® J1A. Larger and broader than ever, it has been re-patterned to cover and conceal the widest range of bodies, layers, and load bearing configurations to date. Standard non-standard J1A features include a newly engineered TensionZip? Flak pocket, zipless reloadable GravityPocket (smoother, faster, lighter), and a 40 denier face fabric made from recycled nylon yarns laminated to Gore-Tex® with Paclite® Plus product technology (the 4th generation of Paclite membranes). J1A was the first ever jacket designed by Acronym. Originally conceived in the years between 1999 and 2001, it is the progenitor of the Type 2371*, and of every other Acronym jacket that has followed. J1W-GTPL is the culmination of everything ACRONYM® has learned about building apparel since that time. Everything is new. Everything is the same. The very idea of ACRONYM® rendered in physical, wearable form. A carefully balanced array of functional and aesthetic systems presented in completely remastered form. Asymmetric. Dynamic. ACRONYM® among equals. Combine with 3A-1 or 3A-3TS for full INTEROPS functionality. Built with Gore-Tex® Paclite Plus Product Technology.