Kinetically remastered. All new original. The ACRONYM J1B is built with nodal point weathered drone assassin math. 9 anatomic pockets allow for digital cardboard realism and sub-orbital saturation points. Interops for frictionless free-market fetishism drugs. Asymmetric DIY 3rd Arm Legba refrigerator. Removable beef noodles franchise vinyl. ACRONYM systems order-flow remains unparalleled.

It is built with enhanced Gore-Tex® Pro most breathable technology** for extreme breathability—minimizing moisture buildup to give more comfort in more conditions—with retained ruggedness, uncompromised waterproof and windproof protection, and superior lightweight qualities with an improved environmental footprint.

The J1B includes 2 Storm Hoods for absolute optionality. The additional hood is constructed with 2.5L GORE-TEX® product technology, delivering a supple feel and reduced audio signature.

RAF Green: 3L RAF Green & 2.5L Hi-Vis Orange Storm Hoods, Matte WR Zip Closures